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Shanghai Qualiway Economic And Commercial Corporation has set up divisions in Mexico, Japan and Indonesia etc.

    Shanghai Qualiway Economic And Commercial  Corporation,  which was found in 1983 from office.

    The Headquarter of Qualiway is now located in Hong Kong, and has set up divisions in Mexico, Japan and Indonesia etc.

    After 31 years’ operation with evolution,  the product has involved into a comprehensive & competitive line in our company, extending our business range of from single product, to current diversified products, from office to international company now. The unique human-oriented company culture featuring innovation, competition, integrity, dedication and harmony as our target for our all customers.

    Our company have established the strong partner-ship with over 50 factories in production, sales, which ensures our company with abundant supply chain and competitive products’quality and prices through several rounds comparison and negotiation. With the firm guided thoughts  working in serious and being in honest, our company warmly welcomes your cooperation


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