Denis Leung

    Shanghai Qualiway, after going through more than 10 years milestone, has built up a corporate culture comprising of the foundation of integrity and people, dedicating a competent quality, price and services to meet client’s expectation, and integration of benefit of clients, suppliers and ‘Qualiway.

    A fine fowl perches only on a fine tree, and a virtuous minister serves only a virtuous master. As a QUALIWAY employee, we shall align with QUALIWAY's values and stick to QUALIWAY's disciplines and management system. We grasp opportunities, face challenges and make every effort on the platform of QUALIWAY to initiate a better future.

    No achievement can be realized without the effort dedicated by every staffs and support from all the customers and suppliers. We sincerely express our appreciation on behalf of QUALIWAY to all the people engaged in our business.

    Along with the opportunities of economic globalization, let’s get ourselves ready for new adventure with more ambitions and higher target. Let’s be down-to-earth, take responsibilities and move forward as one team with greater determination and confidence. Let’s build a more globalized, creative, efficient, competitive and profitable QUALIWAY.

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